Apparently Nobody Wants An Illiterate Couple With Five Kids

Even though Asia Bibi will certainly be murdered in Pakistan if she is not evacuated soon. Ms. Bibi and her husband are Christians; they are the parents of five children; they are illiterate. The Bibi’s, since Ms. Bibi’s arrest in 2010, have received help from Mr. Joseph Nadeem and Family. The Nadeem family has been and … More Apparently Nobody Wants An Illiterate Couple With Five Kids

Is it Right?

The game of life has often been said to be a test. I’ve never really figured out why. Nevertheless, if it’s a test then there are probably exams with right answers and wrong answers. Perhaps, as with some college courses, there is only One Big Final Exam. Pass. Fail. Graded. Ugh! Or perhaps there are … More Is it Right?

Asia Bibi: Update and Comments

Refugee status for Ms. Bibi has been squashed by UK Prime Minister Theresa May, according to CBN. Ms. May is concerned about upsetting British Muslims. Furthermore, the article states: “May’s indifference about Bibi has angered many people in the UK. According to the website Jihad Watch, May’s government has welcomed two jihad preachers, who praised the … More Asia Bibi: Update and Comments

Cleared Of Blasphemy; Mobs Demand Death

Last week, Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi Pakistani was cleared of blasphemy charges. JonahzSong has previously carried posts about her imprisonment. Ms. Bibi spent over eight years on death row for alleged crimes against Islam’s Prophet. Today, at Paul Thinking Out Loud  there is a link to an article at Religious News Service that reports “Yes TV, Canada’s … More Cleared Of Blasphemy; Mobs Demand Death