The Nine Principles

Do not think dishonestly The Way is in Training Become acquainted with with every act Know the Ways of all professions Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters Develop intuitive judgment and understanding for everything Perceive those things that connot be seen Pay attention even to little things Do nothing that is of no … More The Nine Principles

I Wanna Go Home. . .

Hours before dawn this morning, while walking in the desert, I came upon a small group of young men and an old flatbed truck. The men appeared to be American Indians. A foal trotted along side the truck, falling  on a sharp hook that protruded from the truck’s bed. Blood oozed from the wound. I … More I Wanna Go Home. . .

Deflated Balls, other Controversies

Okay. I’m more a cynic than a skeptic. I admit it. Preceding last night’s Super Bowl American Football game, the Media Attention focused on an examination of footballs alleged to be underflated. Is underflated a word? Under-inflated, is that correct? The controversy became heated over alleged improperly inflated balls used in another recent game between … More Deflated Balls, other Controversies