Getting Old

  The Daily Post Writing Prompt Moody  “An English degree and a dime,” Dad said, “will get you a cup of coffee.” A dime won’t get me a cup of coffee these days. Do something “practical.” How ’bout a marine biologist. And later, inspired by my auto shop teacher, I wanted to get my degree … More Getting Old

Slog On

WordPress Daily Writing Prompt: Slog Slog. I’ve never heard it used before. It sounds like an Appalachian drink made with moon shine and a touch of molasses. It has an Earthy ring to it. Slog. It could be a great name for a dog that you take to the groomer for a bath and who … More Slog On


The Daily Post: Radical It wasn’t until the first part of the 1980s that I began to consider the environment. My first experience to ecological damage was through the book, “Silent Springs,” written by a doctor in Oregon, Rachel Carson. By that time, her work was already twenty years old, and I know had no … More Radical

No New Things. . .

Google the phrase “nothing new under the sun.” I did. Wikipedia pops up in the top of the list directing to its page where I discover it’s the name of an album. Vinyl no less. There is nothing new under the sun, by a Missouri group, Coalesce. Amazon offers books that some how, the Google … More No New Things. . .