Blessed be the Name of G-d, Who came down from Heaven, walking among us as Y’shuaJesus. Through Messiah, Lord Y’shua I have life, and life abundantly. I cannot earn such a prize.

I am grateful to my folks, Col. Theodore M. Robinson and Megan Jenkins Robinson, and hope that I may honor them throughout my life. It is the least I can do, though not enough. I have three brothers: Mark, Grant, and Randy who’ve put up with me for so long. Throughout my childhood, my aunt Claudia, who is a year older than me, was my summer companion and friend, and remains special to me to this day.

I appreciate the many people who guided me as I grew into adulthood. A few are: Mrs. Violet Branz was a nurse in Corona, CA, and was my only babysitter as a child. She cared for me, prayed for me, and remained in touch with me for fifty years, until her death. Mr. “G” and Mr. Kitchen were two wonderful Christian teachers while I attended Brown Military Academy in Glendora, CA. Mr. Fredricks, who was a teacher at Northwestern Military and Navel Academy when my father attended, 1938-1943, and a counselor while I attended 1962-65, offered guidance and kindness. I knew and admired Chief “Mac” McCabe, and others during my time at Camp Roberts, CA, in the 1970s.

I owe much to many, many people, such as: Elisabeth Runsvick Canoy, Steve-O Coutts, Philip Baruth, Nils Femiano, Joanne Smith, George “Chipper” Ferguson.

I also thank you, readers, for coming to JonahzSong and meeting with me.

Numbers-6-24-26 - 1

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