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Pastor Kasibante Peter of Uganda requests we join him in prayers.
His email follows:
I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful Boxing Day. We too had a marvelous one. On Christmas I preached on a theme entitled : The importance of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The major purpose of writing this email to you is to request you kindly to stand with us in prayers.

I started fasting on 24th I missed 25th because of Christmas then I continued with it and I will break my fasting on 30th December 2016.
Then the church and I we shall have a 30 days fasting which will start on 2nd January up to 31st January  2017. Please join us and pray for the following bellow:
1.Quantitative and qualitative growth in the church. In this Area we need machines (at present we have local drums) so that we can be able to hold Crusades, open air meetings, to show to people Jesus film and other Christian films ,to hold door to door evangelism , to hold seminars, conferences, night prayer meetings and other kinds of meetings.
1b. To feed the hungry, to support the elderly,  widows,  orphans and needy people in the community with some basic needs which are tangible. I.e food, clothing, shelter, medication and education please pray for God’s provision.
2. To build A parmanent  church because where we are praying from Its temporary structure. We need the materials to construct a strong church with iron sheets, cement, sand, bricks, timbers. Nails etc..
3. Getting my own house, where I am now the landlord is demanding the money for many months. And am tired of renting.
4. I need my  passport to be renewed, I need a laptop, land of at least 1 acre, and God to meet my domestic needs. I need a motorcycle
for transportation while serving God mostly when I go in rural areas.
5.God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding to be with me so that I will be able to lead His people.
6. Spiritual Warfare mostly attacking the spirit of witchcraft which is commonly worshipped in my area.
7. Pray for my introduction and wedding due to take place next year 2017. I got a lovely lady
8. God to use me mightily and to open doors of ministry for me.
Happy New Year 2017
Your brother 
Kasibante Peter

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