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“I don’t have a life,” she said.

I’ve heard that more times than I can remember. So perhaps having a chaotic life is better than having no life. Wait one.

“No!” he silently screams.”It’s not.”

“I don’t understand,” he said. “Just last week we bought plants and we’ve not planted them yet.”

“I haven’t decided where they are going,” she replied.

“Why do you want to buy more plants, then,” he asked. “It doesn’t make sense to me.”

“I know it doesn’t make sense,” she said.

There are plants in pots in the yard in back, beneath the trees. There are yews, and camellias, and mondo grass. They’ve been there two years. There are Lenten roses that have been watered daily all summer, still in pots awaiting planting.

“It still doesn’t make sense,” he said. No one was listening.

A chaotic life is a life awaiting order. A chaotic life is a nightmare from which one never really awakens. A chaotic life sucks. Big Time.

Some call it the primordial soup. Before the Earth, the planets, the sun, and Heaven, there was chaos. It was not good. But G-d Who created the universe had a plan. He created Heaven and Earth, all the plants, all the animals, and He looked at it all and said it was good. Then He created a man and a woman. A male and a female. Distinctly human. Perfect.

God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. Genesis 1:31

“Very Good,” said G-d. There was order now. Goodness. And G-d walked in the Garden with the Man, called Adam. The man He’d created from the dirt He’d created out of the chaotic firmament.

An Ethiopian man once told me the story of creation.

“God mounded up the dirt,” he said, “and put it in the oven, to bake. When He pulled it out it was very black. So he sent that man way down south. He tried again. This time he took the clay out sooner, and it was chalk white. He sent that man way up north. The third lump of earth God  baked and got it just right. A perfect brown. He put that man in Ethiopia, the most perfect place on Earth.”

All things come to an end. Even things declared “very good.” The traditional Biblical story of creation tells of Eve’s seduction and sin against G-d. And, of course, Adam’s complicity in that sin.” The human’s first couple got their eviction notice, and were tossed out of the Garden to fend for themselves. It wasn’t exactly back to the days of the primordial soup, but it was big change as chaos again took hold.

It’s been a chaotic life ever since. Not just families are affected, but communities, states, nations. Chaos seems to reign unbridled. Seems to reign. It doesn’t. G-d’s still in charge. But we have such incredible free will we are allowed to continue propagating chaos on Earth. We do it in small ways, and in big ways. From the way we speak to each other, to the way we make war with other peoples.

Nevertheless, there is a time coming in which it will end. There will be at long last peace on Earth.

Today in America we celebrate T H A N K S G I V I N G. I am thankful for the times of joy I experience despite the seemingly endless chaos on Earth. I am most thankful to a gracious and just G-d who offered His Son, Y’shuaJesus, that we might not die a permanent death, but once my Earthly life comes to an end, I am swooped into the loving arms of my Creator, and live forever in His Peace. I am grateful to you, dear friends, for all you do in pursuit of justice and righteousness while there is still daylight, before darkness engulfs us, before the long night comes.

Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .


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