The Daily Post Prompt: Argument


Leave it to Beaver

Sunday evenings at my parents house, while sitting around the dinner table, we would argue some topic or other. It was a sort of dialectic in which we tried to rationally establish some great truth about something that may have occurred or something in the news. It was more or less amicable. Occasionally when I deviated too far off . . .. . .course, I’d get the laughing response from my dad, “You’re a kook!” That meant there was an impasse, in my opinion. He probably thought he was right and wasn’t going to be able to convince me otherwise.

It’s been said that one shouldn’t argue religion or politics. But what else is really worth arguing about? Of course, these modern post-rational days, I’m sure it’s prudent to keep one’s mouth shut least one be accused of political incorrectness.

imagesNothings really changed when it comes to friends and family arguing some various opinion. According to Y’shuaJesus’s disciple Luke, the boys were sitting around arguing over who among the disciples is the greatest. And if one takes Lukes presentation of the Gospel Message chronologically, this argument followed Jesus’s pronouncement of His impending death. It’s like Peter saying, “Wow guys, we need to figure out who will be the head guy after Rabbi is gone.” And they all argue over their own rational reasons for being next in line.

Y’shuaJesus might have looked at all this, rolled His eyes Heavenward, and then shook His head. “After all this time,” He could so easily have said, “and the boys just haven’t got a clue.” So he settles the matter right then and there.

“Whoever receives this child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me receives him who sent me. For he who is least among you all is the one who is great.” Luke 9:48

1102014718_univ_lsr_xlThat ended it right there. Or did it? Like so many things Y’huaJesus said and did, their meaning has been argued about for the last two thousand years. What does it really mean to be like a child? Innocent? Trusting? What does it really mean that we must be born again? To that question Y’shuaJesus got a response that was something like, “Oy vey, you mean I should go back into the womb and come out again?” It seems our Lord didn’t like to give a straight answer; rather He provokes us to seek the meaning behind His Words, to search for the hidden pearl, the gold.

That is to say, Y’shuaJesus’s answers, His teaching in general, were “pretty heavy, man.” (I revert to 1960s lingo.)

That reminds me of Todd. Back in the early 1970s I lived in a trailer park, next to a family of religious nuts. You know the kind. They read the Bible every chance they get. The memorize scripture. They try to actual do the things Y’shuaJesus said we are to do. They certainly didn’t try to fit in at all. Anyway, so Todd was one of their kids–about four- or five-years old. Todd was wandering down the street one day.

“Where’ya goin’ Todd?” I asked.

“Up with Mama,” Todd replied.

HEAVY, man! Really heavy.

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